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EAA: AirVenture A Record-Breaker

This year’s EAA AirVenture was “about as close as one could imagine” to perfect, EAA Chairman Jack Pelton said this week, in a news release summarizing this year’s data from the show. Attendance set a new record, EAA said, with about 601,000 visitors, nearly 2 percent...

For Drone Pilots, A New And Better Technique

Using your torso to fly a drone is easier and more precise than a joystick, Swiss researchers have found. “It’s immersive, and easy to learn, and gives you the feeling that you are flying,” says Jenifer Miehlbradt, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in...

One Week Wonder Flies

EAA’s AirVenture 2018 One Week Wonder completed its first successful flight on Monday evening just one day after the show ended. At the beginning of the week, the Van’s RV12iS was nothing more than a pile of parts.