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I’ll Create Your Perfect Website

I will work with you to create a website that will represent your company the exact way you want it to.  It will be search engine friendly, and look terrific on mobile devices!

With 24 YEARS experience in website design, I CAN help you make $ with your business site!

Fun In The Sun Yacht Charters

Fun In The Sun Yacht Charters

One of the oldest Yacht Charter companies in South Florida, Fun In The Sun Yacht Charters needed an update to their site along with an SEO and Marketing Plan. With 7 HUGE boats in their fleet that caters to boaters worldwide, their new site is generating more leads than ever! If you’re looking for a great vacation I suggest chartering a voyage to the Bahamas!

Recent Work:

Fun In The Sun Yacht Charters

Latest Work

Here are just a few the the latest sites I have created:

Junk It Florida

Fort Lauderdale Auto Recycling Business

Broward County WordPress Web Designer

Stonewall National Museum

SNMA is dedicated solely to LGBT history, civil rights, art and culture.

Bahamas Hotel Website Designers

Small Hope

Small Resort on an out-island in the Bahamas. 

Broward County WordPress Web Designer

Uncle Sam Says

True stories of Our Founding Fathers, mothers, and other heroes of the Republic, are read aloud.

Tow Max Consulting

TowMax Consulting

Leading source for Towing Industry Business Insights.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Early detection of breast disease

Miami's #1 IT Support Company


Miami’s Leading IT Support Company

Previous Work

Here are a few of the past sites I have worked on:

Fort Lauderdale WordPress Development

Lake Havasu Online

1995 Havasu’s first sites!

Bahamas Hotel Website Designers

Charles Bibbs

Internationally acclaimed artist Charles Bibbs.

Broward County WordPress Web Designer

London Bridge Resort

Lake Havasu’s Landmark Hotel

Broward County WordPress Web Designer

KNX 1070 Radio Los Angeles

Bob McCormick’s Business Hour

Broward County WordPress Web Designer

Shelter In Place

Ballistic Tornado Shelters for Schools, Classrooms, and Business’s.

Broward County WordPress Web Designer

Lexani Wheels

An  expansive range custom alloy wheels.

Broward County WordPress Web Designer

Washington Chamber

Chamber of Commerce for Utah’s Southern County

Platforms Used


I am a developer who fully understands WordPress, and how to use it to give you an advantage over your competitors.


Transform any WordPress website into a beautiful online store. Designed and constructed using WordPress best practices, this software gives you plenty of powerful options to create the store you want and need.


One of the best website building solutions for dev’s and users. It is very powerful, and easy to learn. I highly recommend this strong and stable software.

Amazon Web Services
Cloud computing with AWS

AWS has been architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today.


Jim Pierce
Jim Pierce
21:59 11 Jan 21
Just spoke to Randy and although he has yet to start, he is the real deal. Not only is he interested in my project, he has experience that will help me move forward. He is EXACTLY the perfect match for making money to make a Difference (mmmD).. It is a pleasure to talk to someone who cares and understands.
Alex Ness
Alex Ness
19:28 14 Oct 20
Randy has been great with our organization. He is very responsive, agile (does he ever sleep?) and always collaborating with the team. Most important, he truly made our mission his mission.
Brenda Lee Blackburn
Brenda Lee Blackburn
03:20 28 Feb 20
Randy is freaking amazing! His technical knowledge and know how have helped me on so many different occasions. I love how passionate he is about cool technology and how he shares that passion with others who don't quite get it (meaning me).P.S. Thanks Randy for always going the extra mile to help and for your patience in helping create something that is an expression of my work!
Nick Haslem
Nick Haslem
21:22 27 Feb 20
We have had several websites that Randy has helped us with. He has always done an excellent job on them. I'd definitely recommend him for any of your web development/design needs!
Dan Low
Dan Low
06:07 23 Feb 20
Randy has been one of the best people i have worked with,. He takes pride in what he does, and is only satisfied if he delivers on time, and to your specifications. I highly recommend Randy as one of the most hard-working, contentious, and capable web designers on the Web !
Herb Macey
Herb Macey
23:32 20 Feb 20
It’s been my pleasure to work with Randy on several web design projects. His professionalism is outstanding and dependable he’s very creative and has turned what I thought would be a big hassle into an easy fix.If you’re looking for someone who can take you from simple to interactive and profitable you should consider this service
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In 2000 with my daughter at our hosting company
Irreverent Warrior Randy

Supporter and Hiker at Irreverent Warriors Inc.


About WPRandy

When I’m not above the sea developing websites for businesses, I’m either on the water or under it!

I live and work in “Beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida”!


 We started our Web Design Business in 1994

At that time, it was done by “hand coding” using the “HotDog” editor. This was before any front-end editor existed. In 97′ Microsoft, began touting the benefits of being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Professional, so I jumped on the bandwagon and at the same time started using MS PageMaker.

After many years of using the Microsoft IIS Server platform, I moved on to Dream Weaver and really got into Joomla, and PHP. For 8 years I concentrated on Joomla with both Microsoft and Linux servers.


I now specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce, using 3 hosting platforms:

  • Microsoft IIS
  • AWS Amazon Web Services
  • Apache 

I understand what its like as a business owner. I purchased a small Hand Car Wash after I left the ARMY as a Combat Engineer (Light) SAPPER. 

I operated that company for 4 years, then sold it and then got into Web Design.

I subscribe to and use Adobe’s Creative Cloud full suite of apps to get the job done! Photoshop, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Acrobat, and more!


I ALWAYS make sure to do the job correctly, and have it completed before the deadline!

Some of My Friend’s Sites!


Brady Mason Road Trips

Contact Me for Immediate Help!

Ⓒ1994 - 2021

Fort Lauderdale  WordPress Expert